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Want to completely change the way your kitchen or bathroom looks? Let us spruce up your bathroom with new amenities or build you a master bathroom suite and spa. Your dream is our project - call today to discuss your vision.

Remodeling services includes:

Tell us about your ideas - we'll make them happen

 •  Floors (tile, marble, wood)

 •  Shower enclosures

 •  Bathtub jacuzzi

 •  Toilets

 •  Vanities

 •  Cabinets and countertops

     (granite, marble, formica, and more)

Your kitchen is the heart of your home - it's where you start your day and gather at night with your family. Renovate your kitchen into your ideal kitchen space.


Trust our professionals to renovate your kitchen to your satisfaction. Let us know your ideas - color, style for the floor, cabinets and lighting, and we'll build it.

Call us today: 718-409-9570

Your dream is our project

Get a FREE estimate and consultation for every renovation and restoration project.

Tell us about your ideas

 •  Lighting

 •  Accessories

 •  Kitchen island

 •  Storage space

 •  Faucets

 •  Skylights

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